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Eugenia Zukerman is an internationally renowned flutist, author, and advocate for those with Alzheimer's. She was the arts correspondent on CBS Sunday Morning for more than 25 years, and the artistic director of the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival in Colorado for 13 years. She is the author of numerous articles, screenplays and books, including her latest, Like Falling Through a Cloud: A Lyrical Memoir of Coping with Forgetfulness, Confusion, and a Dreaded Diagnosis, about her own battle with Alzheimer's disease.


Key Topics Eugenia Can Discuss

More timely then ever, the pandemic has shown us the need for creativity, connection and adapting to challenges. Eugenia's encouraging strength and positivity will inspire patients and caregivers alike.

  • The Alzheimer’s mindset as seen through the lens of the patient, and her motivation behind writing her poems featured in her critically acclaimed book Like Falling Through a Cloud
  • The warning signs Eugenia's kids noticed in her that ultimately brought her to visit her doctor, and what others can look for in themselves and loved ones
  • Eugenia's tips for staying positive in the face of Alzheimer’s, the pandemic, and any of life's challenges
  • How art has helped Eugenia navigate her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and coping with the stress of quarantine
  • What she wants caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s to know about their loved one with Alzheimer’s


About Like Falling Through a Cloud

“Mandatory reading for anybody who has memory loss, or is caring for someone with memory loss."

— Long Island Alzheimer’s Association Book Club Member

“If there is any writer who might reawaken your love of poetry, it is Eugenia Zukerman.”

— Alec Baldwin

What if the dreaded world of Alzheimer’s was also a world of emotional discovery? In Like Falling Through a Cloud Eugenia Zukerman’s poetry and simple prose, both heartbreaking and ultimately inspirational, ushers the reader into her world as she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Touching, honest, and fearlessly heartfelt, Like Falling Through a Cloud recounts Zukerman’s discovery, consultations, and diagnosis, all while navigating the death of her 103-year-old mother, a performance at the Kennedy Center, and the consolidation of her life via a full-time move to upstate New York. As she finds strength in family love, self-examination, and the enduring power of creating music, Zukerman teaches us the importance of living in the now, while accepting that what comes next may remain a mystery.


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